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COVID-19 Update: To protect the health and wellness of our staff, patients & community, the clinic will only open by private appointments for Orthopaedic Surgery consultations, emergency Physiotherapy and Chiropractic treatments. Please contact us for availability. We are screening all emergency physiotherapy & chiropractic patients via Virtual medicine to ensure the urgency of requiring in person appointments. We understand there are members of the community who have sustained acute re-exacerbation to injuries or new trauma related injuries that have resulted in emergency room visits.

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custom knee brace

Custom Knee Brace – ACL Tear

Posted by / May 12th, 2020
Our knees bear almost all the weight of our bodies. The bones of the knee joint are held together by a number of ligaments namely; anterior cruciate (ACL), posterior cruciate (PCL), lateral collateral (LCL) as well as medial collateral (MCL). Knee injuries are one of the common sports injuries reported. In these accidents; more often the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) bears the brunt due to its location in the front. Read More
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