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Studio Athletica and Push Pounds is a sports medicine center located in Toronto’s Financial District. It serves as a place of preventative measures against physical activity injuries, full recovery center as well as a performance floor to return back to your active lifestyle. Our Toronto sports medicine center and our facilities combine for a perfect opportunity to assess our clients and develop a principled program that will help with their goal.

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PRP Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

Posted by / June 23th, 2019
What is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy? Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a type of regenerative therapy used in sports medicine. It has gained popularity in the last ten years as an alternative treatment to manage a number of spine and musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders and injuries. One of the reasons for the increasing interest in PRP has been disappointing long-term results with current treatment options. Read More
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