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Push Pounds Sports Medicine Policy on Copyright & Reprints

As part of its mission to provide educational resources and information to the community and the public, Push Pounds Sports Medicine created and produced health education materials. All materials that appear on https://www.studioathletica.com/ and other websites under the umbrella of Push Pounds Sports Medicine have been copyrighted. They can in no way be used without formally seeking permission to do so.

This policy covers all options for using and reusing any material from any of the company’s websites. To define terms, “material” refers to all data, illustrations, text, graphical elements, photos, animations, and tools that appear on Push Pounds Sports Medicine run websites, without limitations.


All materials appearing on the Push Pounds Sports Medicine website are exclusively owned by the company unless otherwise stated. That said, nobody has the right to title, license, or seek interest in any item related to the website’s use. You shall not delete, modify, or change in any manner any of Push Pounds Sports Medicine’s trademarks or copyright, as well as other materials and ownership designations.


All materials featured on the website/s are developed for informational reasons. While the information shared is based on national treatment standards and research and has the approval of Canadian physicians and healthcare professionals (unless otherwise specified), these are not meant to replace a health professional’s advice given through personal consultations. Also, any information that is shared via email does not equate to a formal medical consultation. The websites and any type of exchange via the websites are not designed to replace a doctor’s assessment and advice on a given patient’s procedures.

Push Pounds Sports Medicine’s website provides information that has been thoroughly reviewed and approved by healthcare professionals. However, this is not a guarantee that the information will always be adequate, accurate, or complete. Push Pounds Sports Medicine is not responsible for any omissions or errors for the results obtained from its websites’ information or data.


Users may print only one copy of any of the materials provided on the Push Pounds Sports Medicine website, provided that such will be utilised for personal and non-commercial purposes. Any reproduction of materials is prohibited unless prior written consent is sought from the company. No alterations or edits are allowed on the reproduced materials, and Push Pounds Sports Medicine’s copyright notice should never be removed.

Should you gain reprint rights, you will not be allowed to sell, resell, repackage, republish, display, link, frame, post on blogs or any other website, or store any website materials without the written permission of Push Pounds Sports Medicine.

If you would like multiple copies of any material, as well as permissions and licensing agreements, please contact us a 416-722-3393