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Although we at Studio Athletica believe that our clients should rarely be dependent on bracing, there are times when a brace is absolutely beneficial for people during their recovery process. We strive for increased mobility and immediate pain relief for all our patients, but we also understand that sometimes finding relief is a delicate process that takes time. The process of healing cannot be forced, with proper support and a hands-on physiotherapy approach the process certainly has a better chance of moving along quicker and with less complications.

There are two major scenarios that we may recommend bracing:

  1. If you are recovering from an injury or surgery – having adequate support during your recovery will allow you to do things you may otherwise not be able to such as ascending/descending steps or simply walking. This will help avoid setbacks during rehabilitation.
  2. If you are anticipating applying increased amounts of weight or force than usual to a previously injured area. For example, lifting heavy boxes on a knee with a previous meniscus tear. External support can help prevent another injury on the same knee that is more susceptible to being re-injured.

You do not need to worry about your physical capabilities while wearing a brace because it should be able to add support without limiting your function. It can provide much relief to problematic areas causing your pain and discomfort.

A support brace comes in different forms depending on needs of the patient. Commonly used braces include: back brace, leg brace, ankle brace, knee brace, tennis or golfer’s elbow brace, and a wrist brace.

The benefits of bracing include:

  • Pain relief
  • Additional support to damaged tissue with stressful loads
  • Preventing further injury
  • Improve joint stabilization

Our specialists at Studio Athletica are trained to prescribe a brace that is optimal for your condition to ensure appropriate support and healing. Speaking to a rehab specialist about your injuries and physical demands is important to be able to select the brace best suited to address your needs.