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Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Have you ever wondered if you are ready to go back to sport after a few months of rest?

Are you feeling aches and pains after you exercise that have become a nuisance?

Perhaps you are looking to bulletproof your body and prevent injury?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then the FMS system would be worth considering for you.

What is FMS?

Functional Movement Screen (FMS), a grading system that documents movements patterns vital to optimal function.  FMS uses objective and validated standards to
identify limitations, roadblocks and asymmetries that are then utilized to build foundations for lifelong movement success.

How does it work?

Your certified clinician will help you discover the best opportunities to improve movement and identify how to train with purpose and precision in order for you to achieve your fitness, sports performance or return from injury goals.  FMS measures seven fundamental movement patterns that are key to functional movement quality.

7 Fundamental Patters:

  • Deep Squat
  • Hurdle Step
  • Inline Lunge
  • Shoulder Mobility
  • Active Straight Leg Raise
  • Trunk Stability Push up
  • Rotary Stability

Why utilize the FMS System?

Using FMS scoring results, movement principles are put into action to make programming decisions and guide purpose-driven exercise selection.
The FMS is then used as a tool to build baselines, measure progress, Communication, Standardization, and corrective strategies.