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Acupuncture originated as a practice in traditional chinese medicine and is now one of the most widely used alternative medicines across the country and the world today. In acupuncture, an acupuncturists is essentially inserting ultra-fine needles into the body at specific points where discomfort or pain is felt. It’s believed that the needle stimulates certain nerve endings of the body and can relieve a wide variety of health conditions.

One of the main reasons people will seek out acupuncture is for pain relief, it’s one of the most common use for acupuncture today. Acupuncture can be used for a wide variety of symptoms however, the primary focus for most patients is to treat chronic neck and back pain. Experiencing pain in this area can often be the root cause for other symptoms such as headaches, migraines, muscle tightness, stress related insomnia, joint pain, and other discomforts. Acupuncture can reduce pain by as much as 15% following a session. Other uses for acupuncture have included knee pain, arthritis, tennis and golfer’s elbow, as well as to treat past injuries that haven’t healed properly and are causing discomfort.

If you’re considering acupuncture for the first time, here’s what you can expect from a session. The session promotes relaxation and encourages you to feel a sense of calmness and healing. Most patients will receive treatment while laying down. The insertion of needles are relatively painless, it is not intended to cause major discomfort. After the needles are inserted in specific locations on your face or body depending on your treatment plan, you are usually left to rest for a period of 10 – 45 minutes. In some styles of acupuncture, the needles are inserted quickly and removed immediately and in others they are left in for a longer period of time. It all depends on the severity of your symptoms and the overall comfort level for each individual. Since acupuncture is a form of manual therapy, it can be adjusted to fit each patient and their unique needs.

There are many health benefits of acupuncture, especially for those who are looking for a drug-free alternative to treating various conditions such as:

  • Acute and Chronic Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Nausea & Vomiting
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Stress related Insomnia
  • Heartburn & Indigestion
  • Tennis elbow
  • Knee pain
  • Neck & Back pain
  • And many more

Alternatively, Cosmetic acupuncture is a facial rejuvenation technique that has been used for decades. It makes the skin appear younger, healthier, and is believed to slow down the progression of fine wrinkles. Consider it a gentle alternative to Botox and cosmetic surgery and it has the same effect in the sense that it will stimulate collagen production and increases lymphatic fluid movement to rejuvenate the skin.

For more information, speak to a specialist at Studio Athletica and find out if you could benefit from acupuncture to treat your symptoms.