Performance Training

Similar to our sports specific training, Studio Athletica’s performance training sessions are intended to refine and improve your fitness goals to their maximum potential. You may not necessarily be an athlete by profession, but rather someone who considers your health, and wellness, an integral part of your lifestyle. If you are looking to increase your power, agility and flexibility, this is the total work out for you.

Performance training is vastly different from conventional forms of exercise, where emphasis is focused on transforming your body or building muscle. Keep in mind that this type of commitment is a process, as opposed to seeing immediate results from isolated workouts. You may be preparing for a marathon, competing in a tournament, or simply interested in pushing your physical capabilities their full capacity. In any case, performance training is the best solution to include in your preparation strategy. In performance training, you can expect to engage in a lot of dynamic movement and get your adrenaline pumping. Some examples include, interval sprinting, tossing a medicine ball while twisting side to side, high jumps and exercising through the different planes of motion. We will take into consideration individual characteristics such as your age, gender, and endurance levels, with scientifically proven training techniques, to create a customized, performance fitness plan that will guarantee long term results and personal achievement.

At Studio Athletica, we understand that a successful training program must be well rounded and not just solely dedicated to hitting your physical targets alone. We have integrated mental practices and resistance training to test both your mind and spirit. Your confidence, concentration and psychological strength, all play a part in your performance, no matter what your aspirations are, inside and outside of our facilities. We will provide you with the necessary tools every step of the way, so that you can make informed decisions about your nutrition, training and rehabilitation efforts, all throughout your fitness journey. We are ready for you!