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Pain Management

Effectively managing pain is crucial to promoting proper healing faster. Pain can be so complex and while there are many reasons and conditions that cause our bodies to different levels of pain, there are also many techniques, therapies, and medications that use to manage the pain. The focus of pain management is to provide patients with options for effectively managing their pain to a point where they are able to move freely whether it be to live through everyday activities or to push through rehabilitation exercises.

Below are treatment options including the benefits and risks of each:

Chronic Pain

The treatment for chronic pain can be as widespread as the causes however, they do range from anywhere between over-the-counter medications to manual therapy techniques such as acupuncture. Depending on your symptoms, the severity or your symptoms, and other conditions, your physician can best prescribe the pain management technique that would be most effective for your unique needs.

Milder forms of pain medications such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen have been highly effective for most people for day-to-day management while being able to work, tend to children, drive, and getting through other usual daily tasks without feeling groggy or nauseated. If over-the-counter drugs are not giving you enough relief, your physician may prescribe stronger medications such as muscle relaxants or anti-stress/anti-anxiety medications. Medication are often used in combination with therapy or mind/body techniques to promote faster healing.

Options For Natural Pain Management

Manual therapy is the leading method for natural pain management. Manual therapy is a drug-free treatment plan that includes: Acupuncture, chiropractic care, massaging, osteopathic care, ultrasound therapy, electroshock therapy, and more. Counselling is often a form of pain management therapy as well. It is common for people to be left with feelings of frustration, depression, anxiety, fear, and even anger after dealing with chronic pain for some periods of time. It is these feelings that can make it harder to manage chronic pain. People who are experiencing these types of feelings may benefit from treatments such as cognitive-behavioral therapy to help you cope with your pain in combination with natural methods for pain management such as acupuncture.

For more information about pain management options, speak to a specialist at Push Pounds Sports Medicine and find out if you could benefit these treatment and care options to treat your symptoms or conditions.