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Pre/Post Operative Rehabilitation

Undergoing an invasive surgical procedure of any nature can be a serious and lengthy matter. The pre and post-operative rehabilitation program at Studio Athletica is specifically designed to help individuals who are preparing for or have recently completed surgery return to their normal lives quickly and safely.

After surgical intervention, the body can respond in different ways as it works to recover and heal. Each case is independent and it cannot be predicted whether or not your recovery will go perfectly as planned. However, it is scientifically-proven that pre and post-operative rehabilitation can improve the likelihood of a smoother recovery process. Many people cannot afford being “off their feet” for too long, as most have families, jobs and lives to get back to.

Our pre and post-operative rehabilitation specialists at Studio Athletica are trained and experienced in identifying potential signs of complications, they are equipped with the appropriate knowledge to guide the most successful recovery. Here at Studio Athletica we care to understand your specialized needs and how you are functioning before surgery, in order to prepare for the best post-op outcome. The better prepared you are before the operation, the more comfortable you will be coming out; the better you are going into surgery, the higher the likelihood for a successful and timely outcome.

Our pre and post-operative rehabilitation program is focused on manual therapy. Your physiotherapy treatment may involve options such as the passive movements, stretching, hand pressure over joints, massaging, and range of motion exercises to promote fast healing, ease pain, reduce inflammation and increase joint mobility. Clients have seen greater improvement with physiotherapy with less to no medications, which ultimately promotes a more natural way of healing.

Some areas our pre and post operative rehabilitation program include are:

  • ACL reconstructions
  • Shoulder
  • Total hip replacements
  • Total knee replacements
  • Following fractures fixed with plates and screws (open reduction internal fixations)