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Pre and Post-Operative Rehabilitation in Toronto

Orthopedic Surgeries, such as ACL reconstructions and hip replacements, require a great deal of preparation before and after the procedure. This ensures a better surgical outcome and faster recovery.

Push Pounds Sports Medicine has top physiotherapists in Toronto to offer the best pre and post-operative rehabilitation for our clients. Our physiotherapists are highly qualified and experienced, and they’ll help you with the necessary physical and emotional preparations to make it through the surgical and recovery process.

Pre-Operative Rehabilitation

The ultimate success of your recovery is reliant on your overall body’s condition before the surgery.

Injuries or conditions affecting your joints, connective tissues, or other parts of the musculoskeletal system usually lead to secondary issues such as reduced range of motion and strength. Our physiotherapists work to ensure that the affected joint, such as a knee with an ACL tear, regains or maintains strength and flexibility. They do this by formulating a personalized pre-op rehabilitation treatment program that best meets your needs.

Pre-op rehabilitation is not only essential for strengthening your joints and improving motion but also to:

  • Reduce risks and complications during and after surgery
  • Prepare you mentally for the surgery and what to expect afterwards
  • Alleviate pain and inflammation
  • Improve muscular control of the affected joint
  • Facilitate a quick recovery so you can resume your activities
  • Learn the exercises that you’ll perform after the surgery
  • Enhance overall fitness and health
  • Improve movement patterns before surgery

Our physiotherapists will be there for you before your surgery to improve your condition for the best outcome. If you have any questions regarding the surgery, they’ll be happy to answer them and provide any information that you need. Visit our facility for the best pre-operative rehabilitation in Toronto.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

After undergoing hip, wrist, spine, neck, shoulder, knee, or any other musculoskeletal system surgery, orthopedic surgeons direct you to do physical therapy for a fast and successful recovery. Note that physical therapy can be scheduled to start a few hours or a few days after the surgery, depending on the type of surgery performed and other factors.

At Push Pounds Sports Medicine, our physiotherapists work with your surgeon to personalize your post-operative recovery treatment. Your post-op rehab may include:

  • Modalities to alleviate pain and inflammation, e.g., electrical muscle stimulation and use of ice
  • Manual therapy
  • Muscle-strengthening techniques
  • Gait and balance training
  • Flexibility exercises
  • Self-care training
  • Home exercise

There are several recovery stages, and each is made up of different therapy techniques and exercises to help you reduce post-operative symptoms, regain your strength, improve your range of motion, and promote fast and optimal tissue healing.

Our physiotherapists help you recover quickly and gain better results after surgery through comprehensive and personalized pre-operative modalities. They will take you through each stage of recovery until you can make a safe return to your sport, work, or other activity.

Contact us today for post-operative rehabilitation in Toronto or to inquire about our services.

No surgery?

If your condition or injury doesn’t require orthopedic surgery, our physiotherapists can help you prevent its progression and work with you through the recovery process. They will thoroughly examine the affected area and the entire musculoskeletal system to determine the best treatment options.

Push Pounds Sports Medicine’s physiotherapists utilize the best therapy techniques to treat and manage pain and inflammation, strengthen your affected joint, stimulate tissue healing, and restore mobility.

Other services

Push Pounds Sports Medicine offers other services to help with the assessment of your injury and rehabilitation. These include:

  • Bracing – we provide the best off-the-shelf and custom made braces to help with your recovery and prevent re-injury.
  • Sports Medicine Physician – our sports medicine physician examines your injury and imaging to confirm the diagnosis. They will monitor your progress during rehab to ensure that your treatments are working as expected.
  • Sports Massage Therapists – when suffering from an injury or condition, certain muscles in your body are often overworked, making them sore and tight. Our massage therapists utilize manual massage techniques to release any tension and alleviate pain in overworked muscles. This facilitates a quicker recovery.

Push Pounds Sports Medicine offers unsurpassed pre and post-operative rehabilitation services in Toronto through its highly-qualified and experienced practitioners. Contact us today for any inquiries or to book an appointment with our specialists.