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Studio Athletica and Push Pounds is a sports injury rehab facility located in the Financial District. It serves as a place of preventitive measures against physical activity injuries, full recovery centre as well as a performance floor to return back to your active lifestyle. Our expert staff in the Financial District sports injury rehab and our facilities combine for a perfect opportunity to assess our clients and develop a principled program that will help with their goal.

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Lower Back Pain and Core Strength

Posted by / July 28th, 2018
LOWER BACK PAIN AND CORE STRENGTH As discussed in my previous post, many of us spend prolonged hours sitting at a desk, either at work, in the car, and transit. Aside from pain and discomfort in the mid-back region, another common complaint that I often receive from my clients is the lower back pain. Pain in this region can be quite complex, as there are many nerve roots that exit from this area. Read More
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