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19 January 2023

Physiotherapy: A Effective Solution for Chronic Pain Management

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- Amir Majidi is a sought after doctor who graduated from the prestigious New York Chiropractic College. He is pursuing to be an expert doctor in the fields of sports medicine, anti-aging medicine and other specialized areas of health. He has been involved with researching numerous topics relating to Biomechanics and Inflammation for lectures performed worldwide by Dr James Stoxen at Team Doctors for the American Academy In Anti-Aging And Regenerative Medicine And Congress On Anti-aging Medicine. Specialties: Sports Medicine - Anti-aging Medicine - Diet, Nutrition, Headache/Migraine, Training, Complex Pain etc

Discover how physiotherapy can help alleviate chronic pain and improve quality of life. Learn about the various treatment techniques and find a qualified physiotherapist near you.

Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain is any long-term pain lasting over three months and typically has no clear cause. It affects up to 20% of the population globally and is a major source of disability and diminished quality of life.

Chronic pain can range from mild to severe, depending on the individual and the underlying condition causing the pain.

Common chronic pains include:

  • chronic neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • back-related leg pain
  • joint pain
  • chronic knee pain
  • muscle pain
  • headaches
  • arthritis
  • fibromyalgia
  • endometriosis
  • cancer-related pain

The Role of Physiotherapy in Chronic Pain Management

Physiotherapy plays an important role in helping people manage their chronic pain. Through various techniques such as exercise, manual therapy, education on pain management strategies, and lifestyle advice, physiotherapists can help people reduce their levels of improvements in pain. 

  • Exercise

Exercise helps to improve physical functioning by strengthening muscles that support joints affected by chronic health conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia.

  • Manual therapy

Manual therapy techniques can also be used to decrease tension in tight muscles which may contribute to the experience of chronic pain sensations.

  • Education on pain management strategies

Additionally, education on lifestyle decisions such as posture correction and stress management is important in reducing the severity of chronic pain.

Types of Treatment Techniques Used in Physiotherapy

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Physiotherapists use various treatment techniques when treating people with chronic pain conditions. These include:


Stretching is an important part of physical therapy treatment and can improve flexibility, reduce stiffness, and prevent injury. Common stretching techniques include static, dynamic, and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF). Static stretching involves holding a stretch for a while or until muscle tension is released.

Dynamic stretching includes active movement that stretches the muscle while in motion. PNF involves combining two different types of muscle contraction with a series of stretches to promote a range of motion.


Strengthening exercises improve muscular strength, endurance, balance, coordination, and functions like proper posture. Exercises such as weight lifting can help build strength in targeted muscles and help to support proper body alignment during daily activities. Isometric exercise therapy involves no joint movement but relies on applying force against an immovable object; this helps strengthen the muscle without any joint motion.

Eccentric exercises involve muscular contractions against resistance while lengthening the muscle and may be prescribed for rehabilitation following injury.

Low-Impact Aerobics

Low-impact aerobics is an excellent way to improve cardiovascular endurance without causing undue strain on the body’s joints. Activities such as swimming or cycling can provide aerobic benefits and help to build endurance without putting excessive strain on the body’s musculoskeletal system. Low-impact aerobics can also be beneficial for those who are overweight by helping them lose weight gradually while building strength and improving mobility.

Additionally, low-impact exercises also aid in reducing stress levels and promoting emotional well-being through increased endorphins which can further enhance overall physical health.

Other treatment techniques

  • Heat therapy or ice packs for short-term relief from inflammation or spasm;
  • Massage therapy for relaxation;
  • Aquatic exercise;
  • Postural re-education instructions focusing on correct positioning during daily activities;
  • Education on self-management strategies such as mindful breathing or progressive muscle relaxation;
  • Advice about nutrition for improved energy levels and better symptom management.

Case Studies

If you are experiencing pain and limited mobility, physical therapy is the answer for regaining your strength and enjoying life again.

There is a wealth of scientific evidence from clinical trials that support the use of physiotherapy for managing chronic pain. Studies have shown that physiotherapy can improve overall function and reduce psychological distress associated with chronic pain.

At Push Pounds, we take pride in assisting each of our patients on their journey toward recovery. Here are some amazing success stories that emphasize physical therapy’s power when managing aches and pains!

“I persisted despite the discomfort and pain, certain that even a week of relief was worth it”

Young Female Swimmer Swimming In Pool 2022 02 02 05 05 23 Utc 1

I’m a competitive swimmer and have been for many years. Throughout high school and beyond, I had to deal with regular shoulder injuries that would take me out of the pool. After trying multiple methods of recovery, I eventually sought help from a physiotherapist who suggested athletic taping as a treatment option.

After discussing my history and examining the area, the physiotherapist recommended using athletic taping, a physical therapy technique that applies pressure to reduce inflammation and improve circulation while allowing the skin to breathe.

I felt immediate relief after the first taping session. The support provided by the tape reduced all movement-related pain for several days. Although I still experienced occasional soreness that lasted about two weeks after every taping session, this approach has allowed me to continue training and everyday activities without major injuries and stay active enough to compete at a high level throughout the college swimming season. Thanks to Kineo taping, I feel more confident competing in the pool than ever.

-Andra Rosenblum


“At only 22, I was surprised at how difficult it was to walk. It felt like age had caught up with me before its time”

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A few years ago, I, unfortunately, sustained an injury to my knee, specifically my MCL/meniscus. I regret not seeking treatment sooner, as the pain progressively got worse to the point where I couldn’t bend my knee without severe pain.

It became difficult for me to perform everyday tasks such as sitting and driving. I eventually decided to seek help and began a course of regular physiotherapy sessions, which lasted for around 10 sessions over a period of six weeks.

The therapy involved ultrasound, massage, and exercises in breaking up scar tissue and strengthening my knee. At first, I found the exercises difficult and felt discouraged, but the therapists at the clinic were supportive and encouraging throughout the process. They pushed me to keep going and celebrated my progress, which helped me stay motivated.

I learned that it’s important not to wait and not be ashamed to seek help when in pain, and I believe that physiotherapy treatments can help anyone in need.

-Elizabeth Zealand


Finding a qualified physiotherapist

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It is incredibly important to seek out a qualified and experienced physiotherapist when seeking treatments for any musculoskeletal issues. A physiotherapist is a healthcare professional specializing in diagnosing, managing, and preventing movement disorders resulting from injury or illness. They often work with clients to develop treatment plans that can help them improve mobility, pain management, and overall quality of life.

When selecting a physiotherapist in Toronto, it is essential to research their credentials and experience before booking an appointment. Qualified physiotherapists must have completed additional post-secondary education, including theoretical and practical training in anatomy, physiology, exercise prescription, manual therapy techniques, electrotherapy modalities, etc. It is also beneficial to look for someone with specialized experience or certifications in sports medicine or chronic pain management.

A great way to find a qualified and experienced physical therapist is by asking for referrals from family members or other medical professionals you are working with, such as doctors or chiropractors. You can also search online for reviews from past clients of specific clinics in your area. In addition to reading customer reviews, you should contact potential clinics directly to ask about their services and how they can assist you specifically with your condition.


Physiotherapy is an effective and often underutilized treatment for chronic pain management. This medical treatment provides long-term benefits for those with chronic illnesses, injuries or chronic disease. It combines physical exercises, massage therapy, joint mobilization and manipulation, stretching exercises, balance and gait re-education to help alleviate pain and improve mobility.

Don’t delay any longer – if you’re experiencing ongoing pain or mobility issues due to an illness or injury, it’s time to start looking into finding a qualified physiotherapist in your local area today. With the right practitioner on your side, you can feel confident knowing that you are being treated by an expert dedicated to providing safe and effective treatment to help you reach your health goals faster.





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