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Nanoscope Arthroscopy (Nano Arthroscopy)

Push Pounds Sports Medicine’s in-house orthopaedic surgeons are equipped to perform Nanoscope Arthroscopy to diagnose knee conditions, including ligament injuries, cartilage injuries, meniscus, ACL tears, and arthritis.

What is Nanoscope Arthroscopy?

Nanoscope Arthroscopy is a revolutionary medical procedure that uses modern technological tools to achieve an immediate and direct high-definition visualization of common problems of the knee. It allows surgeons to instantly see where the injury is located to immediately diagnose and begin treatment procedures.

Nanoscope operative arthroscopy uses a single-use camera attached to the tip of an instrument (typically 1.99mm or smaller), which is then inserted into the space in the joint through a needle-like cannula. Local anesthesia is applied to allow for relatively quick, painless, and minimally invasive insertion. The entire process can be performed in-office and while the patient is fully awake—no need to go into an operating room.

Advantages of Nanoscope Arthroscopy

Nano diagnostics are a preferred procedure to confirm conditions of the knees and joints because of their many benefits. Here are some of the advantages of Nanoscope Arthroscopy.

  • It is a reliable and accurate alternative to MRI diagnostics. Because it is done in-clinic, there’s no need to endure waiting times to access MRI machines.
  • Nanoscope operative arthroscopy is minimally invasive and allows for unlimited access to joint spaces.
  • During the procedure, the patient is awake and fully coherent and can even watch the imaging screen as it is performed. The surgeon can then explain the visualizations in real-time.
  • Nanoscope Arthroscopy is quick and relatively painless, allowing for a much speedier recovery time.
  • It costs relatively less than having an MRI and exposes patients to fewer complications.

Want to know more about Nanoscope Arthroscopy’s advantages? Our orthopedic surgeons are highly skilled and adequately equipped with the proper knowledge and tools to perform this revolutionary diagnostic procedure. Contact us for a consultation.