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  • COVID-19 changes


1) Staggered Appointments - Appointment times are staggered to ensure appropriate physical distancing measures.

2) Private Treatment Rooms - All sessions are performed in individual, private rooms on 1-to-1 basis. All treatment tables are covered with freshly-laundered sheets.

3) Physical Distancing Measures - Elevators are limited to 2 individuals at a time and physical distancing markers are placed on floors throughout the facility.

4) Paperless Digital Forms - All patient forms will be sent via text message or email to be filled out digitally from your phone or computer.

5) Gold Standard Sanitation - All facility equipment are sanitized before and after use. Sanitation stations are available in each treatment room and facility using medical-grade cleaning products. There is a mandatory 15-min cleaning/sanitizing slots between each appointment to maintain highest level of cleanliness and hygiene throughout the day.

6) Facility washrooms and shower are NOT open to the public.


1) Hybrid Model of Care - All appointments are offered in-person, virtually (video), or combination of both. We are happy to offer a complimentary first virtual session with your practitioner.

2) PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) - All patients will be required to bring and wear their own mask. Masks may be provided to patients who forget upon arrival.

3) Scheduling - Please do NOT arrive early for your appointment to avoid unnecessary contact with others. Please do NOT bring any guest with you to your appointment.

4) Sanitation - Use of hand sanitizer are REQUIRED for all patients upon arrival


1) PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) - All practitioners are required to wear dedicated clinic wear, masks and gloves while in the clinic and treating patients

2) Sanitation - All staff have been trained to perform thorough hand washing and frequent sanitizing before, during, and after each session. There is a mandatory 15-min cleaning/sanitizing slots between each appointment to maintain the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene throughout the day.

  • How can I make an appointment with a Medical Specialist?

1) Obtain a Referral from your family doctor or walk in
2) Have recent imaging completed within the last year with a copy of your CD
3) Valid health card (except Quebec). If no valid health card then you may be charged a fee, contact to inquire.

  • How can I make an appointment for Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage?

For our Rehabilitative services including physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy and acupuncture no referral is required. Please call us at 416-722-3393 to book an appointment. Same day availability for appointments is available. We accept all insurance providers and offer direct billing.

  • How may I book an appointment for a procedure such as PRP or Cortisone?

One of our medical specialty doctors will first meet with you to determine a treatment plan prior and determine the best procedures. If you are an eligible candidate, our team will schedule a follow-up procedure at the same time of your consultation and provide you with detailed instructions.

  • How long will I wait to see a Medical Specialist?

Once we receive your referral, we will be in contact within 3 days, and we can usually accommodate an appointment date on average 1-4 weeks upon receipt of referral. In Ontario, the average appointment wait time to see an Orthopaedic Surgeon is 6-8months. With our commitment to your individual customer experience we are able to accommodate a first appointment within 1-4 weeks. We are pleased to offer all other medical specialty appointments within a month.

  • How long will I wait to see a Physiotherapist or Chiropractor?

We attempt to offer same day as our commitment to excellent care but on occasion may have to wait a day or two. Please call us at 416-722-3393. We also accept all insurance providers and offer direct billing.

  • What can I expect at my first Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, or Massage session?

Our licensed physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists are proficient in providing holistic and client-centered approach to your needs and goals. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the administration team as you "check-in" and be directed to wait until your physiotherapist, chiropractor, or massage therapist direct you to an appropriate treatment room.

In the treatment room, the licensed practitioner will begin the assessment/examination by asking a series of questions, along with a physical examination through various tests and movements. The goals of the examination are to better understand your symptoms/needs/goals and to provide you with an appropriate treatment plan. In order to achieve optimal results for your needs and goals, we believe in collaborative efforts between the practitioner and client!

  • Will my insurance cover my Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, or Massage visit?

Yes, you will be able to receive reimbursements for physiotherapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy visits through your extended health coverage insurance provider. Also, most insurance providers are now reimbursing for Virtual Care sessions! It is always best to check with your provider ahead of time to confirm this.

We also offer the option of direct billing if your insurance allows for it. If so, our administrative team will be happy to serve you!

  • Do you do direct billing?

Yes, we provide direct billing for all insurance companies that allow for it! Our specialized team is happy to take that burden off your hands.

  • Will I need a referral for DEXA? How do I prep?

We provide in-house referral. Please refer to our DEXA page for more details on preparation and a sample report.