Rehabilitation Center Spearfish

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Rehabilitation Center Spearfish

Taking the next step and moving toward recovery can help you feel like yourself again. It can help you make strides to get back to normal or as close to normal as possible following your hospitalization. If you or a loved one needs rehabilitation therapy, the rehabilitation specialists from Spearfish Canyon Healthcare are always just a phone call away. Spearfish Canyon Healthcare provides post-acute care in a renowned rehabilitation center in Spearfish, SD. We can show you how are rehabilitation center functions better than we can tell you, but we’ll try anyway. Let’s explore what post-acute rehab is like in Spearfish Canyon Healthcare.

What Rehab is Like at Spearfish Canyon Healthcare

In our modest but state-of-the-art rehabilitation center in South Dakota, we are helping people get back to life. We offer both inpatient and outpatient rehab for post-acute care patients who need access to recovery. Spearfish Canyon Healthcare employs an expert team of therapy specialists who work hands-on with our patients, family members, friends, support groups, nurses, and physicians to develop customized care plans that foster the fastest, most comprehensive recovery. Our team will be there for you to support, encourage, and to celebrate each success along the way.

At Spearfish Canyon Healthcare, we have but one purpose: to provide the best outcomes for every patient! Our commitment to helping our resident patients get back to the everyday joys of life is evident in our caring staff and our environment. Unlike any other rehabilitation center in Spearfish, Spearfish Canyon Healthcare features private, comfortable rooms that provide for an at-home feel. Spearfish Canyon Healthcare also features a secure brain injury unit.

Every detail that has been incorporated into our rehabilitation center in Spearfish was developed from careful planning and input from doctors, nurses, therapists, and patients. Spearfish Canyon Healthcare was designed specifically to assist post-acute patients in need of intense rehabilitation or short-term skilled nursing care. Warm, friendly common areas help our patients to relax and enjoy quality time with their loved ones. Special outside porches and patios provide fresh air and sunshine, brightening the day for patients and their visitors.

The Rehabilitation Services Provided by Spearfish Canyon Healthcare

Spearfish Canyon is home to long-term and short-term personal care residents. At our specialty hospital, we treat brain injuries, brain illnesses, provide assisted living, and we provide skilled nursing services for short-term stay patients. Additionally, Spearfish Canyon Recovery provides skilled medical services to help patients cross the bridge between acute care and home.

Each patient’s therapy plan is led by a highly qualified team of experts, headed by a physiatrist. We use the latest technology in many therapy areas. For example, stroke victims often benefit from the latest Bio NESS therapy to improve hand and foot muscle equipment. Orthopedic patients enjoy the benefits of aqua therapy in our spa-like pool area.

Rehabilitation Center Spearfish

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Rehabilitation Center Spearfish

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