Physical Therapy Tampa

Physical Therapy Tampa

Chronic pain hurts. It can limit your mobility and hinder you from pursuing your favorite activities. You start to skip social events, playing with kids, and other activities that used to be on your routine. Chronic pain can overwhelm you if you don’t take the right measures to overcome it. Therefore, you need to contact a physical therapist at B3 Medical and schedule an appointment instead of allowing that pain to take over your life.

The Physical, Emotional and Mental Impact of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is defined as a lingering pain that lasts for months, and this may include headaches, back pain, and lower back pain, and more. As a result, you may experience any of the following torments: 

Depression and anxiety– There is a well-established link between chronic pain and mood disorders. Most chronic pain sufferers also suffer from depression. Long-term depression has its own effects on your health, from sleeplessness and fatigue to difficulty concentrating. 

Learned helplessness– Chronic pain can result in a psychological response, especially when your chosen pain-fighting techniques don’t yield the expected results. Eventually, you stop trying to fight the waves of pain and the limitations that they impose on you.

Lifestyle limitations– Your life was fun before you started experiencing chronic pain. You feel understandably bored and frustrated because you can no longer pursue a beloved hobby, play your favorite sport, or play with your kids. 

How Physical Therapy Can Alleviates Chronic Pain

Physical therapy can ease your pain and gives your body what it needs to recover from its underlying health problems. Below are techniques a physical therapist use to make you feel better: 

Flexibility exercises– Both passive and active activities can tight your tissues or flex arthritic joints. Over time, these exercises can promote joint lubrication, relax your muscles, and lessen the inflammation contributing to various pain syndromes.

Strength training– Many chronic pains are worsened or caused by improper posture, structural weaknesses, and musculoskeletal imbalances that place too much stress on your muscles and joints. At B3 Medical, our therapist can prescribe strength training that can stabilize your body.

Aerobic exercises– A physical therapy program that includes swimming, cycling, walking, or other aerobic exercises can help you lose weight if necessary, maintain or grow your physical strength, and improve your overall health. Aerobic exercise has been proven to be an excellent strategy for reducing aches and pains. Our experienced physical therapist will prescribe specific exercises for your gender, age, and body type, and show you how to do the exercises to achieve your goals.                                                                       

Take Command Of Your Life Today By Contacting B3 Medical

Don’t allow chronic pain to tell you what to do, how to do it, or how to feel. Take back control of your life today by contacting B3 Medical for help. Our physical therapist will be with you in every step of the process and provide you with advice to overcome your pain. Contact our  physical therapy Tampa at  (813) 907-9898 to learn more about our pain-busting methods.








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Physical Therapy Tampa

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