VO2 Max Testing – Coming Soon

The VO2 Max Test is meant to determine your body’s maximum consumption of oxygen and the efficiency of your muscles. Basically we want to learn the rate at which your body delivers oxygen to your muscles while you are actively engaging in any cardio-based exercise. Using the VO2 Max test we are able to identity your various training zones when it comes to power and heart rate, which why this particular test is considered the benchmark of performance.

During the test we are graphing your heart rate, your body’s response to the increases in exercise intensity and oxygen consumption relative to your body weight. We will use a breath by breath system, with a face mask, that is intended to measure your inhalation and exhalation or the volume of the air that is coming out. To do this test, our goal is to get you to exercise at full capacity while conducting the analysis. As you are exercising, our specialists will gradually increase the resistance in increments. Once you hit your plateau and the point of exhaustion has been reached, the VO2 data is extrapolated.

A low VO2 max strongly predicts one’s health risks like high blood pressure and heart diseases. Increasing your VO2 max is one of the best things you can do to improve your health overall. Continuing with this kind of interval training can boost your weight loss and metabolism significantly. It also has a powerful effect on regulating blood sugars. In essence, a high VO2 max has long been linked with elite athletic ability. Contact our expert team at Studio Athletica to find out what your VO2 max is, and learn how you can improve it.