Sports Specific Training

At Studio Athletica, our sports specific training sessions will open up a range of possibilities that you didn’t even know you could achieve. Whether you are looking to push the boundaries of your potential or heal any sports injuries, our team of experts will be able to customize private sessions, tailored to your personal needs.Every athlete is different, despite the sport, which is why it is important to take a holistic approach to your training goals, especially when training with an injury.

Being a professional athlete can take a toll on the body and we understand the importance of injury rehabilitation. We will take into account the actual sport, the position you play and any other external factors that will help you overcome any performance challenges. For instance, we have worked with a professional dancer to address knee pain, so she could perform certain routines that require full extension of her leg. We offered customized exercises to strengthen a professional fighter’s hip region, to proactively address pain, get him back in the ring, and ultimately to victory. By combining fitness and sports medicine, we will provide the necessary solutions that will guarantee positive results and a speedy recovery.

We specialize in working with professional athletes, no matter what sport you’re in. Each athlete is required to have a one on one assessment so we can determine your athletic and muscular standards. This initial assessment is a comprehensive evaluation. Our approach extends beyond your physical goals as well; we will coach you on the mental preparedness, lifestyle tools, and injury prevention strategies that you need to enhance your current skill set.

Some core areas of focus include:

  • Concentration
  • Stamina and endurance training
  • Coordination
  • Metabolic Examination
  • Nutrition
  • Increase strength and power
  • Rehabilitation
  • Prevent future injuries
  • Flexibility and balance
  • Private sessions

When it comes to your athletic career, it’s never too early to start training. Talent is innate, but honing in on your talent into true athletic skill will always benefit from specialized professional training. We understand that as an athlete you can be under an immense amount of pressure, and that your career can be highly competitive. Our mission is to do as much work as we can, from start to finish, and guarantee you a winning every single day.