Small Group Training

Studio Athletica offers small group training sessions from 2 to 4 people. You can enjoy a high-end private performance gym alongside out beautifully finished high-end clinic on a private floor, showers and top of the line fitness equipment.

In the personal training industry, small group training is a growing trend. Everyone has a wide variety of physical abilities and limitations that might slow down the progress of your own fitness goals falling behind in a large class. In a focused group of only 2-4 people, our trainers can accommodate your needs one to one while still curating a fun and competitive training program for everyone involved. Basically these sessions are large enough to keep you on your toes, but small enough that your are using our techniques properly and retaining the quality of your workout.

You can expect emphasis on the following areas:

  • Equipment based training
  • Technique and skill based training
  • Outcome – based training – targeting those who are looking for a specific physical result.

This might be a great alternative to our private, personal training services if you want the best of both worlds. Our Small group training sessions are a little more cost effective and a great way to connect with new people. Better yet, mix it up. You can use the one-on-one training to address your individual concerns and then jump in on our small groups to enjoy working out with other people just as passionate as you!