Respiratory Resistance Training Class

As the most essential part of your life, monitoring your breathing will tell us how your body will respond to various types of exercise. A solid workout is not only meant to improve your muscles, blood circulation and energy, it affects your respiratory health as well. To gain efficiency in exercise, it is vital to improve and strengthen your respiratory system. One great way to do this is participating in our respiratory resistance training classes.

Respiratory Resistance Training (RRT) can be defined as a technique that aims to improve respiration ability and adaptation by restricting your breathing, to a point. Not to worry, you will still be able to breathe and your training is completely monitored by our team of experts. By implementing the use of a face mask, this air resistance allows us to pace and deepen your breathing by engaging your diaphragm. The theory of RRT is controlling the breathing volume by applying different air degrees according to different altitudes.

Training under hypoxic conditions is widely used to improve athletic aerobic performance, which is linked to peripheral adaptations. A lot of methods and techniques that simulate altitude hypoxia or altitude training has been practiced for the last 20 years. A more recent development is the “altitude mask training.” This mask provides adjustable resistances to create a simulation of hypoxic conditions allowing you to exercise at controlled altitudes (even above 5000 feet.). Your body responds by creating more red blood cells to boost oxygen-carrying capabilities and increases the amount of oxygen in your blood helping you to power through aerobic workouts. With the mask, you can experience running up a mountain during your training right from our facility.

In our Respiratory Resistance Training Class, we use similar devices, as well as a mental training component (meditation, willpower, etc) to help you gradually boost your body’s ability to perform at optimum levels.