Group Classes

Studio Athletica offers group classes that start at a minimum of 5+ people. You can enjoy a high-end private performance gym alongside out beautifully finished high-end clinic on a private floor, showers and top of the line fitness equipment.

We want to make your fitness routine a positive experience and a great way to stay motivated and challenged is to work out in our group classes. It has been proven that working out in a group setting can lower stress levels as opposed to exercising independently. Probably because it’s extremely rewarding creating new relationships with individuals who share a common goal. You can learn primarily from our skilled trainers, but from your peers as well in a fun and inclusive environment. You will find that by attending our classes, you will feel more accountable to attend class, encourage one-another week by week and share in your progress as whole. This can make for a more rewarding experience rather than exercising alone or at in your home gym.

At Studio Athletica, we still want to keep our classes small enough that everyone will receive the support and attention they need to see results. Unlike other classes around the city that can tend to be so packed that you are shoved to the back of the studio, our classes will be small enough to allocate valuable one on one time with your trainer.