Deep Tissue Massage Vancouver

Deep Tissue Massage Vancouver

Deep tissue massage is a technique that focuses on thick layers of muscles, as well as the fascia. By utilizing slow strokes, friction, and direct pressure, we work to release tension and chronic pain that sits deep within the tissue or even fiber structures. Deep tissue massage works by using firmer pressure with a more powerful touch than your usual massage. Despite the rougher touch, a deep tissue massage is perfect for treating any chronic back pain or tension, as well as helping relieve posture issues.

The benefits of a deep tissue massage include stress relief, pain management, more relaxed muscles, and even help to lower your heart rate and blood pressure. By reducing blood pressure and heart rate, circulation of the blood will also improve. Typical problematic areas that can be enhanced by a deep tissue massage include the neck, legs, elbows and knees, and especially the lower back. A deep tissue massage, like this one available right here in Vancouver, is beneficial for relieving inflammation and stress.

Cranky Knot Methods

At Cranky Knot Wellness Centre, we utilize a range of techniques to help relieve any aches or pains. Massage therapy has expected benefits and is being covered more and more by health insurance, so check with your provider first or give us a call at 1-604-488-9456, or contact us online for any questions. The techniques we employ include the trigger point, acupressure, and friction. We believe we offer the best deep tissue massage in Vancouver! Your registered massage therapist will be happy to discuss a specific massage plan with you.

Trigger Point

A trigger point is a specific aching area, which is typically a muscle tissue that has contracted tighter and tighter. This trigger point can be anywhere in the body, and lead to exponentially increasing pain after some time. The most worrisome trigger points include your back, neck, and head, which can cause pain to spread from one joint to the other. The trigger point technique aims to prevent this with the use of cycling pressure and release, also with deep strokes to reach down to the aching muscle tissue.


Acupressure is similar to acupuncture, but sans any needles or skins penetration. The acupressure treatment focuses on the same joints and areas as acupuncture but instead relies on using pressure from the fingers and palms, in conjunction with rhythms, to release any pressure or muscle knots and help to improve chi energy, which also helps to improve blood circulation. Philosophies from traditional Chinese medicine inspire acupressure.


Our friction technique emphasizes the use of the ball of the thumb to rub and agitate the top layer of tissue against the deeper muscle attached to the point. This deep pressure massage utilizes small, rough, circular movements to get down into the deep tissue and rub it back and forth over the aching muscle. The friction technique is perfect for loosening any knots in muscles, relieving aching or tired muscles, and improving blood flow and circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage Vancouver