Chiropractor Louisville

Article provided by: Synergy Injury Care

Chiropractor Louisville

Consumer Experts Say to Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing a Chiropractor in Louisville:

Mistake #1: Not spending enough time checking into the services offered by the facility in question. Make sure your chiropractic provider offers a full range of services in order to meet your needs. At Synergy Injury Care, everything you need following an accident is available to you in a single facility, including on-site doctors, a licensed therapy team, in-house diagnostics, custom treatment and specialty testing. Don’t waste your time going to more than one facility when Synergy Injury Care can provide total care after an auto accident. They’ll even provide free transportation if you have no way to get to their facility.

Mistake #2: Waiting too long to be treated for injuries. Strict laws are in place that limit the amount of time an injury victim has to seek medical treatment following an accident. If you have been in an auto accident, it’s imperative that you are seen by a doctor in short order to prevent being barred from seeking recompense for your out-of-pocket expenses, medical bill recovery, and incidentals that may be allowed under the law. Even if you aren’t in pain, it’s a good idea to be seen by a chiropractor in Louisville to record your diagnostic assessment and any injuries or pain you may be experiencing as a result of the accident. Be safe, not sorry- call Synergy Injury Care at 502-561-7000 to schedule a visit.

Mistake #3: Choosing a chiropractor in Louisville that is not experienced with auto injuries. The expert clinicians and therapists working at Synergy Injury Care deal with the outcome of car crashes on a daily basis and know what you’re going through when you walk through their doors. As the local facility that is considered to be the #1 provider of Chiropractic services in the Louisville area, Synergy Injury Care offers a full continuum of treatment options for their patients. Call for a free consultation right now with a trusted chiropractor in Louisville or connect with an expert over the website; simply click on ‘Ask An Expert’ on the home page to be connected with a specialist who can answer all of your questions.

Synergy Injury Care can ensure that you get the medical treatment you need and the money you deserve following an auto accident. There are no out of pocket expenses associated with your visit to their facility. If you’ve been involved in an accident and are not sure where to turn for help for neck pain, back pain, acute pain, whiplash injury or another type of issue related to your accident, we invite you to make a call to Synergy Injury Care right now at 502-561-7000.

No other chiropractor in Louisville specializes in offering accurate diagnosis and treatment for auto accident injuries in the caring way that Synergy Injury Care does. Make the call that will change the course of your case. Let the caring staff at Synergy take care of you.

Chiropractor Louisville

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Chiropractor Louisville

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