Calgary Sports Massage

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Calgary Sports Massage

Participating in sports can take a toll on the body. After a difficult workout, strenuous activity or sports injury you need to relax your muscles with a Calgary sports massage. Tired, achy and sore muscles occur after participating in a variety of sports as do some injuries. If you suffer from any of these issues you will benefit from a Calgary sports massage.  Sports massage therapy may be used as a preventative measure or as a post-activity means to reduce pain and help muscles regain strength after strenuous use.

Calgary Sports Massage Techniques

There are various techniques that are typically used in sports massage. There is typically not just one type of therapy that is used to help resolve muscle aches and pains or prepare athletes for competitions. The techniques used will benefit different muscle groups depending on the client’s specific needs. Muscles can be strengthened or relaxed using different types of strokes or massage movements.

You don’t need to have a specific problem or pain in order to benefit from Calgary sports massage therapy. It is helpful before an event, during a break in an event and after an event. It is also helpful for rehabilitation of an injury or strain as well as for maintaining muscle tone and flexibility. Sports massage can also be combined with other types of therapy such as chiropractic, acupuncture and physiotherapy to provide a holistic approach to a sports injury.

Getting the Most from a Sports Massage

The first step in getting a Calgary sports massage is to determine your particular needs. Everyone has unique requirements depending on the type of sport you play and whether you have an injury or medical concern. The massage therapist will isolate the muscle group involved before performing massage strokes that will be of benefit. If you have any aches or pains you should let the therapist know so that these will be areas of focus.

Everyone’s needs are different so the therapist will use the best methods that will work successfully for your situation. Massages generally last between a half hour and an hour in length. Athletes will want to schedule massage sessions before and after they take part in a sporting activity. Before an activity the massage will warm the muscles and prepare them for strenuous movement. After an event the muscles can be massaged to keep them from tightening up and to reduce any pain or inflammation from overwork.

Choosing a Sports Massage Therapist

When choosing a massage therapist you want to make sure that the office offers a variety of therapy techniques and that the massage therapists are trained and experienced. In addition, flexible hours and a convenient location are helpful so you can always get to your appointment. Also, it is best to choose a centre that also offers a host of other services so these can be easily combined for complete treatment. When you are looking for high quality massage therapy you should look no further than Lifepath Massage Therapy. Our skilled massage therapists are available to provide sports massages to our clients in the Calgary area. Visit our website at MassageTherapy.LifepathWellness.comm to learn more.

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