A life in motion is a life enjoyed. Everyone wants to be able to enjoy the freedom of moving through life freely, without aches and pains. Whether you play an 18-hole game of golf, run a marathon, or simply keep up with your children, it is not uncommon for people to experience aches, pains, or develop injuries. When this happens, people may feel discomfort or pain during bending, walking, lifting their arms, or when simply getting in and out of bed. These symptoms can cause someone to experience loss of energy and sleep, as it is not easy to do the things you love to do. People often become less confident in being active because simple movements causes pain, resulting in a vicious cycle. Neglecting to treat your symptoms can worsen the condition and make the healing process longer and more difficult.

One of the first steps towards recovery is physiotherapy, a hands-on approach to treat a wide range of pain-related issues and to rehabilitate the use of the body to its fullest potential.

Physiotherapy focuses on three very important parts of healing:

  1. To alleviate pain and/or discomfort
  2. Increase mobility, strength, coordination, and cardio-respiratory function
  3. To prevent additional injury

Physiotherapists are comprehensive in understanding the patient’s history and evaluate their pain through various tests in order to accurately assess, diagnose and provide an effective treatment plan that meets the patient’s personal goals. Ultimately, the end goal is to restore the quality of life of our patients and empower them in living a pain-free, active lifestyle.

There are so many benefits to choosing physiotherapy. Our physiotherapists use a diverse array of evidence-based treatment options including soft tissue release, joint mobilizations, muscle stretching, therapeutic cupping, as well as dry needling. People have seen more improvement with physiotherapy with less to no medications.

Many people have benefited from physiotherapy whether they have been diagnosed with a chronic illness, recovering from a sports-related injury, rehabilitating post-surgery, or feeling general aches and pains. Most of all, it is important for us that our patients come out of physiotherapy understanding their condition with a long-term solution for their issues.

  • Electrotherapy
  • Ultrasound Therapy
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Exercise Prescription
  • Pre/Post Op Rehabilitation
  • Athletic Taping
  • Bracing
  • Pilates, individual and group sessions